Children learn at their own paces. We evaluate each child and tailor our tutoring techniques to produce the highest results. We'll help your child catch up or even get ahead. Our specialty is helping a student with Written Expression. We are not a "paper mill" which will do your student's paper for him or her. We TEACH students how to write; we do not write their assignments for them. Contact Trek Associates today!

Trek Associates

In Palmer, MA since 1998

Steve Dykstra, MS, CCC/SLP has been awarded Lifetime Membership in the American Speech-Language-Hearing Assocation, with 40+ years of service.

  • Speech Therapy

  • Language Therapy

  • Early Childhood Intervention & Enrichment

  • Written Expression, including writing skill acceleration

  • SAT/ACT/ACCUPLACER Preparation

  • Study Strategies

  • Reading & Spelling

  • Distance Learning/On Line Tutoring

  • And more... Just ask!